The problem the foreign born former A+ list rapper faces is that she needs rehab, but is so broke she can’t afford to go to rehab and has to tour, but the tour is not going to cover her losses which she knows.

So, she just spirals further out of control.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, while recognized as a decent rapper, has yet to produce a classic album in her career. The focus here isn’t on the intricacies of hip-hop beef, but rather on Nicki’s behavior as a celebrity. Her ongoing feud with Megan Thee Stallion recently escalated when Megan released a diss track, “Hiss,” believed to be directed at Nicki. In response, Nicki released her own diss track, “Big Foot,” with explicit references to Megan.

During the feud, Nicki went on an Instagram Live rant and made numerous personal attacks against Megan, including mentions of her late mother. This behavior raised concerns about Nicki’s mental state, with some speculating substance use. The issue goes beyond just Nicki, as her fanbase, known as the Barbz, has a history of aggressively attacking her critics, often resorting to doxxing.

Critics like Kimberly Nicole Foster and Naima Cochrane have experienced harassment from the Barbz for expressing unfavorable opinions about Nicki. It’s argued that Nicki plays a significant role in her fanbase’s actions, as she has actively encouraged their behavior in the past.

“Big Foot,” the diss track by Nicki, incorporates her social media posts and Instagram Live rant, despite criticism of its quality. The lyrics, in particular, have faced backlash for controversial references to Megan’s shooting incident and bringing up her deceased mother. This move is seen as crossing a line even in the world of diss tracks.

Additionally, Nicki’s unwavering support for her husband, Kenneth Petty, a convicted felon facing a civil case for alleged assault, has drawn criticism. She has also been called out for spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation without any medical expertise, further contributing to her negative image as a celebrity.

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