This frozen flavoring has a secret about the way she used to earn a living in the past.

The foreign born former A+ list rapper knows it and uses it to her advantage to keep the frozen flavoring on her team.

Ice Spice

Nicki Minaj

Much like the A list everything in her mind celebrity and her stripper/cigarettes/booze loving ex, this former A list (actress/singer) couple are going to also reunited and spend their golden years together.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Lenny Kravitz,  Lisa Bonet

This A list NFL player and his singer girlfriend are engaged.

No, not the couple you are tired of hearing about and don’t ever want to hear about again.

Josh Allen, Hailee Steinfeld

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

This famous for fifteen minutes celebrity who has blown through the payment his very rich ex gave him, is now trafficking undocumented women and also disposing of their remains when they invariably end up dead.

Jeremy Meeks

Chloe Green

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