This A/A- alliterate actress got called out for lying about yet another part of her past.

Her problem is she can’t keep any of her stories straight.

Sydney Sweeney

Actress Sydney Sweeney has come under scrutiny after claiming she worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios during a tough financial period in her life. Some, including TikToker Becca Murray, are questioning the veracity of this part of her rags-to-riches story.

Murray, a former Universal Studios tour guide herself, pointed out that becoming a tour guide at the theme park is a rigorous process, involving auditions, tests, and interviews. She finds it unlikely that someone simply looking for quick income could easily secure such a position. Moreover, Murray suggests that the park’s management promotes tour guiding as a path into the entertainment industry, so if Sweeney had indeed started there and then transitioned into her successful acting career, it would be highly publicized by Universal Studios.

@thebeccamurraywelcome to the universal studios tour, my name is becca and i will be your guide today as we lift the veil of secrecy on some of hollywood’s hottest filming locations♬ original sound – becca

Another TikToker named Trang subtly supports this skepticism, hinting at Universal Studios in her video without directly naming it. The conversation has also gained traction on Reddit, where some users question not only Sweeney’s claim about being a tour guide but also her assertion of teaching herself Russian in high school. They point to instances where she allegedly declined to demonstrate her language skills during interviews.

In essence, doubts have arisen regarding Sydney Sweeney’s past as a Universal Studios tour guide, as the details of her story appear inconsistent with the rigorous hiring process and promotional practices of the theme park.

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