Speaking of projects, the alliterate one wants to sell a line of children’s clothes.

She thinks it is a market she can corner.

She is desperate to earn some of her own money.

Meghan Markle

This A- stand up comedian/TV host not named Joe Rogan is slashing ticket prices for his tour.

Yes, he has a following, but not enough to pack 15,000 seat arenas, and definitely not at those prices.

Trevor Noah

Reader Blind

This now in jail former reality star from a family of reality stars is getting friendly with other male prisoners.

Todd Chrisley

Chrisley Knows Best

So far, the only project that anyone has taken seriously involving the A list athlete is a reboot of a franchise that once starred the actor who is in the very fast franchise.

Travis Kelce

Riddick – Vin Diesel – Fast & Furious

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs’ standout tight end, has hinted at a potential Hollywood career following his recent surge in popularity.

Since hosting Saturday Night Live in March 2023, Kelce’s star has soared, bolstered by appearances in commercials and his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift.

While focused on football, Kelce hasn’t ruled out the prospect of transitioning to entertainment post-NFL.

In an interview, he expressed a preference for comedy but remains open to exploring other genres. As he prepares for Super Bowl LVIII, Kelce’s potential move to Hollywood continues to captivate fans and industry insiders alike.

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