This west coast city A+ lister is being wooed by the cult to stay and not accept a foreign job.

They know he is a key to their livelihood.

They literally have him in their pockets just like so many other politicians in the city.

Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor



What’s $20,000 between friends? LA Mayor Garcetti presents a Scientology gift to city

Just a few days ago, Leah Remini spoke to us after the Clearwater Police dropped its investigation of child sexual assault at a Scientology school in Florida, resulting in the victim, who goes by ‘Jane Doe,’ asking her attorneys to drop her lawsuit against the church.

Leah singled out three law enforcement agencies for criticism:

“You have police departments that are unwilling to be the voice for the victims of Scientology like the Clearwater PD, like the LAPD Hollywood Division, like the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office in California. And you are dealing with a group of people who have withstood unimaginable sexual, physical, and mental abuse by Scientology,” she said.

For years, Leah has been highly critical of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, which maintains a cozy relationship with Scientology, and which every December receives from Scientology’s Celebrity Centre a big check for the police department’s youth programs, raising about $20,000 each year going back some 26 years.

Leah says it’s no accident that Scientology specifically raises this money for the Hollywood Division, which patrols a district where many of Scientology’s most well-known LA landmarks are located, like the Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

The result is that even the rest of the LAPD knows that the Hollywood Division is hopelessly compromised by its cozy relationship with the church. When Danny Masterson’s rape accusers decided to approach the LAPD in the fall of 2016, for example, they were told by the LAPD that their case would be handled by detectives downtown in order to bypass the corrupt Hollywood Division, even though the incidents had happened in Hollywood.

So with all of that as background, we noticed that this year’s $20,000 check from Scientology was actually delivered to the city council a few days ago by Mayor Eric Garcetti himself. – Source

The LA mayor’s ‘jinx:’ Garcetti could leave for India as city faces host of challenges

The question has loomed over Los Angeles politics for years: when will the mayor resign?

Pundits have long predicted that Eric Garcetti, the mayor with clear ambitions for higher office, would not finish out his second term. Now, it seems likely that the Democrat running the second largest city in the US will be stepping down more than a year early – with widespread reports that Joe Biden has selected him as his ambassador to India.

If confirmed, Garcetti, 50, will be leaving behind a thorny legacy in a megacity facing a confluence of challenges: a warming climate, congestion and air pollution, a housing crisis, gentrification battles and some of the worst economic inequality in America. – Source

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