For those that thought the A+ list singer was a psyop, what in the world of Benjamin Button (Shout out to Michael K) is going on with the former wife of the pe*o and the rich offspring who has only dated one person ever and that was an A- list model several years ago that always seemed uncomfortable to watch.

Britney Spears

Huma Abedin (Ex: Anthony Weiner)

Alex Soros (dated Savannah Huitema, she was supposedly his “roommate”)

The meaning of PSYOPS (psychological operations): Government use of a person or phenomenon to influence a population’s opinions and attitudes

Huma Abedin, 47, and Alex Soros, 38, hinted at their romance in a Valentine’s Day post on social media.

In Paris, they posed together at a restaurant, Soros sharing the image on Instagram with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sticker.

Soros, who inherited his father’s $25 billion fortune, had his arm around Abedin, former top aide to Hillary Clinton.

Abedin, previously married to Anthony Weiner, divorced him in 2017 following his conviction for sexting with a minor.

Rumors of a reunion were denied by Weiner, and later, Abedin was linked to Bradley Cooper.

Meanwhile, Soros made headlines for inheriting his father’s empire, redirecting $1.5 billion annually to liberal causes. He claimed his political involvement contributed to his selection over his elder brother.

Also.. He pissed off Taylor Swift

Alex Soros led a consortium of investors who bought rights to Swift’s unreleased music for $330 million, drawing the ire of the pop superstar.

“It looks to me like Scooter Braun and his financial backers, 23 Capital, Alex Soros, and the Soros family and The Carlyle Group, have seen the latest balance sheets and realized that paying $330 million for my music wasn’t exactly a wise choice and they need money,” Swift said in 2020. “In my opinion, just another case of shameless greed in the time of Coronavirus. So tasteless, but very transparent.”

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