30 07, 2019

A big show in court, but

A big show in court, but the drug dealer's wife is already hooking up with a married CEO introduced to her by the celebrity with the perverted husband.

2 03, 2019

It was easy to hide while he was in jail.

Don't forget that this political couple with the infamous husband who enjoys sexting with minor children and his drug lord friendly wife never actually got divorced. It will be interesting to see how they play their reconciliation now that he is free. It was easy to hide while he was in jail.

10 08, 2018

The doctor was freaked out but the next day performed the surgery with several security in scrubs also in the room.

Over the past few months I wrote about the wife of this infamous A+ list drug dealer and her connections to the celebrity world in NYC who think it is all fun and games and cocktail parties when they see her or interact with her. She is treated almost like a party favor rather than someone who has the ability/connections to kill. That all changed this week. One of her relatives, who is now a very big deal in the drug world needed some surgery a few months ago.

17 03, 2018

Buying a jury member.

All that laundered money involving the foreign born infamous A+ list celebrity and his wife and her very connected political friend is being put to a new use now. Buying a jury member.

18 01, 2018

This is going to blow up and look so bad.

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about this A list celebrity with A++ list political connections who was meeting several times a week with the wife of an A+++ list criminal. Yeah, well it turns out there is some money laundering going on which our A list celebrity has been coordinating. This is going to blow up and look so bad. I guarantee someone will be able to piece together some way that a percentage of the money taken as a fee for laundering is supporting terrorists or something akin to it.

17 10, 2017

For the past few months, things have seemed to have been cooling off.

Usually on Fridays if there is more than one item, than I try and number them to have four separate items. Hence the name. I will number these as I go, but I'm going to make it more free form and see where it goes. Just a lot of bits and pieces that have accumulated over the past few weeks. An unmarked car waiting in front of an apartment building every morning at 4am.