11 04, 2021

I bet you don’t even show up.

Even though this late night actress is a hardcore celebrity cult member, and gives a ton of money to them and believes in every thing they do whether it is forced abortions, child labor, children separated from their families, and a variety of other things that she throws her dollars towards. How come then she deleted her social media presence just when people/fans/reporters wanted to start asking questions. Oh, I get it.

23 02, 2021

His exit fee

In the past few weeks, I told you about the one named singer/actress who paid her way out of Scientology. She got off for a relatively minor amount because she had not been in for very long. The former A+ list mostly movie actor is having to fork over about ten times that amount for his exit fee. It is something he had been unable to do until a life event finally allowed him to do so.

12 02, 2021

500K exit fee.

This one named former A list singer/sometime actress recently confirmed she was only allowed to leave this celebrity cult by paying them a $500K exit fee.

26 12, 2020

Has she been corrupted into joining the cult?

This barely old enough to drink actress/singer has been in this space before. She has done a lot of work for Disney and is currently doing a little showmance for them with one of their upcoming stars. I am still trying to establish if she has been corrupted into joining the cultĀ  a relative of her supports to the tune of millions of dollars a year.

25 12, 2020

Allegedly he has been slowly drifting away from the cult

Which former A-list actor with A+ list name recognition is contemplating on whether to come out as bisexual next year? Even though he has always preferred men, it would be a big deal although no one will be shocked. But what about that not so gay friendly cult he has been a part of for decades and funneled money into?

30 10, 2020

She is just working on a project about it.

There had been rumors that this actress offspring of celebrity parents and grandparents had been dragged back into the celebrity cult like religion. Nope. She is free and working on a project about it.

16 10, 2020

Cult like religion

This cult like religion made a deal in the past with a very controversial religion which was all about money for both sides. Now, the cult like religion is trying to reach out to that letter organization using several of their more famous celebrity members.

10 10, 2020

You are in it until you die. The director wanted to expose it.

Every year I am hopeful that someone will finally face charges for killing this permanent A list director. The reason he chose to cast the two leads in his final movie is because he assumed they would do everything to protect the director. It is why he shared his story to the female lead of the film. His story was the story that people have been hearing more and more the past couple of decades. The director had recordings both audio and video from dinners and parties he attended or hosted.

5 10, 2020

Pretty ironic

Pretty ironic that the charity this almost network actress is supporting in her undercover endeavors is a front for that celebrity organization which traffics people.