This network news anchor wanted heads to roll after someone moved his chair out of position.

He hates having his face straight on to the camera.


David Muir

World News Tonight With David Muir

ABC brass worry that David Muir’s makeup is hurting ratings

Insiders at ABC are partly blaming the ratings decline for “World News Tonight With David Muir” on the anchor’s makeup, with one insider telling Confidenti@l he “looks like an Oompa Loopa” on air. “David insisted on doing his own makeup for years before he got the big job at ‘World News,’ and old habits die hard,” said our source. “David likes to do [his foundation] himself and needs to be told that you can be too orange. His color is off.”

Muir has gone through two makeup artists at the network since he got the top job, but still insists on doing his own final touches after the professional is finished. “He’s been told that he cannot touch his face anymore, but he can’t help himself,” says our source. “He’s been told that he has to let the makeup people do their job. He isn’t allowed to do his own anymore,” adds the source.

Muir’s newscast has been clobbered in the ratings by Lester Holt, who took over NBC’s “Nightly News” after the Brian Williams debacle, but ABC bosses have focused on Muir’s appearance instead. “They don’t know how to fix the problem, so they’ve become obsessed with (Muir’s) makeup,” says our source. – Source

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