This former A- list actress turned singer was on a recent podcast but the powers that be at the network removed any mention of the final days and death of the A list alliterate singer of a group.

Taylor Momsen

Penn Badgley podcast

Chris Cornell

Taylor Momsen opens up about leaving ‘Gossip Girl’: ‘I changed my whole life overnight’ – Sept, 2023

Taylor Momsen recently opened up to her TV brother, Penn Badgley, about her decision to leave “Gossip Girl” and pursue music.

Rrevealing that the writers and producers of the series supported her by manufacturing a loophole for her to stop working on “Gossip Girl” without breaching her contract.

“They went, ‘Well, we can’t let you out of your deal. But we can write you out of the show so you can go on tour,’” she said. – Source

May 2022 – Taylor Momsen Had ‘Depression, Substance Abuse’ Issues After Chris Cornell’s Death

The Pretty Reckless leader Taylor Momsen told Shinedown’s Brent Smith that she suffered depression and substance abuse following the 2017 death of Chris Cornell, her friend and mentor who sang in Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog.

The Pretty Reckless opened for Soundgarden at Cornell’s final show on May 17, 2017, in Detroit. Last year, she described her final encounter with him.

Momsen continued to Interview, “We were on tour with Soundgarden, which was such a peak for me. I’m the biggest Soundgarden fan in the world. Chris Cornell passed away on the night of our last show. That was crushing to me. I was not mentally prepared to handle that, and it really took me down.” – Source

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