This A list actress who had a lucrative side gig has quietly split with her husband.

Jessica Alba
Side gig: The Honest Company

Cash Warren

Jessica Alba, far from the gritty world of Sin City, was seen with old co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in West Hollywood.

The two stars, who shared the screen in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For back in 2014, were spotted enjoying lunch at the exclusive Bird Streets Club.

They seemed in high spirits, chatting and saying their goodbyes before leaving together.

Jessica Alba returns to her action roots in “Trigger Warning,” a Netflix film where she plays Parker, a Special Forces commando drawn back to her hometown after her father’s suspicious death.

Directed by Mouly Surya, the film offers familiar action tropes reminiscent of “Walking Tall,” showcasing Alba’s steely resolve and combat skills.

“Trigger Warning” premieres on Netflix on June 21.

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