The Tape: Back in the day the producer/wannabe rapper liked to make sure you stayed with him and his group.

He wanted your songs and he wanted your credits and he wanted to suck as much money from you as possible.

He showed you what looked like the good life, but once you accepted, you were forced to join a s.. .ex party which was then recorded and you were very much made aware that a recording was being made.

One of the people who was subjected to this was this one named rapper who has also acted.

She was forced to participate in one of these sex parties and it was filmed. The tape stayed out of the public eye until she got tired of the producer controlling her life and decided to start afresh with the bike sounding rapper/producer and his group of people.

As soon as she announced that, the tape was released.

Sean Diddy Combs

Rapper: Eve


His group of people: Ruff Ryders Entertainment

June, 2005 – Sex tapes might not be as scandalous as they used to — but don’t tell Eve that.

A tape featuring the rapper and her ex-boyfriend showed up on the Internet on Monday afternoon in an unmonitored, user-submitted section of a popular Web site and linked by gossip, music and sex blogs.

The short clip, dated November 20, 1999, shows no intercourse, but does portray the then-couple using a sex toy. Her partner’s face is mostly obscured by his arm, but Eve’s is clearly visible for a moment.

According to a representative for Eve, “This is a personal tape that was made years ago with her boyfriend of over two years. The fact that a private moment is being made public is a violation, and we would hope that people would respect her privacy as they would their own. Legal action has been taken to have it removed immediately.”

Though it had been up as recently as late Tuesday afternoon (June 28), the clip has now been removed from the Web site and an official statement from the company is expected shortly. – Source

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