14 May, 2021

Every other time a photographer was near, they managed to move out of the way.

There have been a lot of interviews done over the past few years with a photographer that captured the last performance of this A list singer. There was another photographer there that night that has been thrown under the bus by people who want to stick to the establishment story. Those people say to only talk to the photographer who has already been talked to a dozen times because he sticks with the party line.

10 May, 2021

She said her producer, the person who also saw the singer that fateful night, was killed.

The actress turned singer is doing her level best to bring some justice for the dead A list singer. For the first time ever, in a published interview this week, she said what I first revealed to you nearly three years ago. She said her producer, the person who also saw the singer that fateful night, was killed. It would be nice to know if the interviewer has more information they received or just the quote and never asked a follow up question.

14 Jan, 2020

It was never a solo thing and she is willing to go to court to tell that to the world.

This former actress turned singer (Taylor Momsen) is probably B list overall, but in Europe she is pretty close to A list. She can tour the world nonstop and sell places out. She is someone, along with the band ("The Pretty Reckless") that you want to see live. They don't sell a lot of records, but you want to see them. This past week she went all in on choosing sides in an argument between a permanent A list band ("Soundgarden") and the current nemesis (Vicky Karayiannis) of the band.

5 Jan, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This former A- list teen actress who was and is really well known despite not acting any longer says that when she starred in a holiday movie she was groped and molested by this B+ list actor who all of you know even though you might not know his name. / A little thing like marriage does not stop this late night talk show host from embarrassing himself in his attempts to try and hook up with this A list singer every chance he gets.

26 Dec, 2018

Straight into their veins.

I love when I hear something and I think to myself that is really good. The kind of gossip that is something you can grab. Something solid. This was a popular show not all that long ago. It seems like long ago, but it was a big hit for this almost network. It also had one of the most twisted messed up relationships ever that led to a near death. This actress was probably B+ list coming into the show.

17 Mar, 2018

The singer says she accidentally recorded the 20 minute phone call

Apparently this former A list rockstar spoke to this B+ list singer on the phone right after a soundcheck on that last afternoon of his life. The singer says she accidentally recorded the 20 minute phone call because she had been taking videos at the time of the call. She only noticed about three weeks ago and she says it answers some questions, but also opens up a bunch more.

16 Jan, 2018

Mourning In Her Own Way – A Web Installment

Lost in all of The Web stories and information that keeps coming out, is this little nugget. You have a former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who acted from the time she was a toddler until she got fired from a hit show. Why was she fired?