The former husband of this alliterate talk show host wasted every single dollar he ever earned on his mistress.

It was money he got/earned/took from his former wife.

Now, he wants to go after her for more because he is alone and flat broke.

Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams

Mistress: Sharina Hudson

Sept 9, 2023

Wendy Williams’ former spouse, Kevin Hunter, has secured a significant legal victory in his $10 million lawsuit against the production company of the daytime talk show.

Kevin filed the lawsuit against Debmar Mercury.

Three years after its founding, the company engaged in negotiations with both Wendy and Kevin for a talk show, eventually signing them on after a six-week trial. The show became extremely popular and maintained a unique status in its field.

Kevin’s legal team argued in the complaint that he used his business acumen and street smarts to secure a substantial increase in financial compensation from the initial contract offered to Wendy. The Wendy Williams Show dominated the 10 am morning time slot, and no other network has managed to surpass its success in that time slot.

Kevin, who served as executive producer from 2007 to 2019, contended that he played a pivotal role in the show’s success. The judge rejected Debmar’s attempt to have the case dismissed, stating that Kevin’s claim fell within the scope of marital discrimination as defined by the New York State Human Rights Law, which covers discrimination based on marital status.

Debmar’s legal team had argued that the law did not apply to discrimination based on being married to a specific individual. Kevin initially filed his wrongful termination lawsuit in February 2022, alleging that he was terminated from his role as executive producer at The Wendy Williams Show due to the end of his marriage to Wendy.

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