This barely there celebrity has been in this space before and doesn’t really like the A+ list singer.

She is really close to the situation and says the singer is trying to set up the barely there celebrity and her husband to take the fall when the relationship ends between the singer and her current boyfriend.

People are already going after the barely there celebrity online for doing absolutely nothing.

Kylie McDevitt, Jason Kelce
Kylie is a philanthropist, like her husband, and works with Jason’s foundation, (Be)Philly, which he launched in 2022 to improve the lives of Philadelphia’s youth. She also helps to raise money and awareness for the Eagles Autism Foundation.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Kylie Kelce, wife of NFL star Jason Kelce, took to TikTok to address misleading headlines about her and Taylor Swift.

She clarified a recent article title suggesting she was trying to avoid Swift’s spotlight, explaining that she was misquoted and that her discomfort is with personal attention, not Swift specifically.

Kylie also criticized another article that inaccurately portrayed a friendly exchange between her and Annie Elliott, wife of NFL player Jake Elliott, as mocking.

She humorously defended Elliott in her video, using the phrase “[bleep] around and find out” to express her frustration with the tabloid misrepresentations. The video, underscored by elevator music, added a light-hearted tone to her pushback against these narratives.

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