I suppose the title could have several meanings.

In this case, it is what this permanent A list celebrity called her long time girlfriend.

A girlfriend she managed to hide for 40+ years.

A girlfriend she managed to hide when our singer was the biggest singer on the planet.

There was no one more famous.

It was after a horrible marriage to the man who launched her and beat her, and made her A list.

She wasn’t in the mood for any men. But, especially at that time, things were already stacked against her, so there would need to be secrecy.

She found someone, but was always worried someone would discover the secret they shared, which was the deepest of loves.

So, in order to keep it secret, she found a lovely man who treats our singer well, and is a great guy.

Shortly after the pandemic began, the girlfriend died.

It is why our singer has been selling off assets.

She is worried that she will die soon, because of her broken heart.

In a biography to be published after her own death, the girlfriend is given several chapters.

Tina Turner

Husband: Ike Turner

Erwin Bach

According to a press release, Turner has sold the entirety of her catalog (dating back more than 60 years,) along with the rights to her image, name, and likeness to BMG for an undisclosed sum. Though the precise price tag has yet to be revealed, BMG confirms the purchase was their largest single-artist deal to date.

Previously revealed blind item
May 16, 2022

The manuscript is written. It has a publisher. No one wants to actually see it in print though, until this permanent A list singer, solo and in a group passes away. They don’t want her final days to be people asking questions about things she did 60 years ago with her significant other. It was bad enough all of the things they would do to young female fans on each stop of their tour, often taking the young girls with them for days on end until they finally dropped them off in a town hundreds of miles from their home, with no food or money and no way to even make a phone call.

They certainly don’t want to change the narrative of being a survivor when there are at least a half dozen accounts in the manuscript of young girls not even able to try and make that phone call, because they ended up dead. It was rarely an accident they ended up dead. They had just been put through so much that if they were allowed to go home, the attention would have been bright and jail would have been a possibility. I say a possibility because they knew no one really would care all that much about doing anything, but they didn’t want to leave anything to chance. The manuscript has dozens of interviews with victims who have lived with what happened to them their whole lives. They will be heard.

Ike Turner
Tina Turner

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