It’s supposed to be a happy day. Especially for a woman. Her wedding day recently was not a happy day. Unfortunately, she made it miserable, for herself and for everyone involved.

And you make people miserable on a day that’s about celebration, you can’t really expect them not to talk shit about you, right? She was raging all day.

She was pissy about the flowers, she was pissy about the photos.

She was so pissed she threatened to fire the florists and the photographers on the spot while they were shooting her in her wedding gown.

It was the same with the wedding planner.

Soon as she woke up that day, wedding day, she went nuclear on the wedding planner and started rearranging everything by herself.

All her vendors were berated, the wedding planner was sobbing.

Nothing was right that day. Not even her dress. She only wore it for an hour and then changed.

If you can’t help but be a hideous person on the day that’s supposed to be filled with love and joy… what does every other day look like? Is it too late to reconsider?

Kate Bosworth


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