One of the doctors who is being interviewed by Congress as part of his experience with psychological operations for the government, specifically, the military and CIA is mentioned in the second earliest court report, as a treating doctor of this permanent A list “singer.”

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was reportedly evaluated by a ‘retired geriatric psychiatrist’ in 2008 when the conservatorship was established

A new Netflix documentary, “Britney Vs Spears,” shows sections of previously unseen paperwork said to be filed in conjunction with Britney Spears’ conservatorship case. An anonymous source contacted documentary director Erin Lee Carr and sent her hundreds of pages of documents, including a 2008 medical report reportedly produced by a “geriatric psychiatrist,” according to the documentary.

“During the fall of 2020, a source reached out to filmmakers,” a title card in the documentary reads. “They said they wanted the truth to be out there. The producers have worked to independently corroborate the contents of the leaked reports.”
Britney Spears was deemed incapable of selecting her own lawyer, and paperwork said she had ‘dementia,’ according to the documentary

The medical report shown in the Netflix documentary is dated March 5, 2008, which means it would have been created within the first few weeks that Jamie Spears’ had been granted temporary conservatorship status over his daughter.

“Britney Jean Spears lacks the capacity to retain and direct counsel,” the report reads, as shown in the documentary. “[She] lacks the capacity to understand or manage her own financial affairs without being subject to undue influence.”

As journalist Jenny Eliscu (one of the documentary producers) points out, the report was created when Britney was already working again. She filmed a cameo appearance on CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” in the same month.

“This is paperwork relating to Britney’s condition at the start of the conservatorship,” Eliscu says in the Netflix film while looking over separate documents. “It’s a standard form where you indicate what the person’s impairment is that requires a conservatorship. Specifically, this is interesting to us because it [says] ‘orders related to dementia placement.'”

“The medical team said that Britney lacked capacity, but who was the original doctor that made that decision?” Carr says. “In looking at the publicly available court documents, there was only one name listed in the initial evaluation — a Dr. J. Edward Spar.”

The psychiatrist in question sat down for an interview in the Netflix documentary, but wouldn’t acknowledge meeting Britney

When asked to describe his work, Spar said: “I am a retired geriatric psychiatrist and still do the occasional consultation for attorneys, including contested conservatorship sometimes.”

Carr asked Spar if he had heard Britney’s music before he met her. Spar began by saying he wasn’t a fan, but that he knows who she is. Then he realized the phrasing of Carr’s question.

“Wait, before I met her?” Spar says.

“Yeah,” Carr replied.

“Oh wait, I’m not going to acknowledge that I’ve ever met her,” Spar said.

Carr then asked if Spar “specializes” in dementia, to which he said that was one of the things geriatric psychiatrists spend “a lot of time and energy on.” But when Carr pressed, asking if that was why he was brought in to evaluate Britney Spears, Spar laughed.

“I’m not going to verify that I was ever brought in to evaluate Britney Spears,” Spar said.

Carr then showed Spar a court document that mentions “Dr. Spar’s declaration,” which he once again refused to acknowledge. He said he would verify his signature on a public document if Carr had it, but other than that he was not going to talk about whether he was hired to see anybody.

“These are confidential evaluations,” Spar said.Source

The Pentagon has ordered a review of US psyops on social media

In July and August, Twitter and Meta disrupted pro-US influence campaigns on their platforms. Now, the White House is concerned.

Pentagon officials have ordered a sweeping review of US information warfare operations conducted through social media platforms, The Washington Post reports, after Twitter and Meta both identified networks of fake accounts believed to be connected to the US military.

Citing interviews with unnamed defense officials, The Post states that Colin Kahl, undersecretary for policy within the Department of Defense, instructed all branches of the military that conduct online influence campaigns to provide a full account of their operations by next month.

The call for review comes after revelations in an August report from social network analysis firm Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory, which uncovered a series of influence operations that aimed to “promote pro-Western narratives” in countries like Russia, China, and Afghanistan. – Source

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