This permanent A list NFL QB has women he is hooking up with, he just knows he will look ridiculous because of how young they are compared to the man his ex is seeing.

So, our QB keeps everything super quiet.

Tom Brady (45)
Veronika Rajek – 26

Gisele Bündchen, Joaquim Valente

Gisele Bündchen and trainer Joaquim Valente ride horses together in Costa Rica

Maybe they’re just horsing around.

Gisele Bündchen and her trainer Joaquim Valente were photographed riding horses together during a getaway in Costa Rica on Tuesday.

The supermodel, 42, was seen flashing a big smile as she trotted around on horseback next to Valente.- Source

BODY POSITIVE Veronika Rajek hits back at trolls who say Tom Brady fan is ‘not classy’ after Paige Spiranac and Olivia Dunne debate

VERONIKA Rajek fired back at trolls who criticize her social media content in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

The Slovakian model, 26, sided with golf personality Paige Spiranac and rising gymnastics star Olivia Dunne.

LSU star Dunne, 20, has shot to fame on TikTok and also has a massive Instagram following.

She came under fire from some for using her body in social media posts to earn $2million a year.

A former women’s basketball coach labeled Dunne’s fame as a ‘step back’ for women. – Source

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