Yet another monthly magazine with yet another article admiring the time and effort for this foreign born A- list dual threat actor and how he managed to transform himself.

No matter what word salad is said in his interview or any of the other superheroes, it is always steroids and PED’s.


There is not enough time to do it any other way.

Eventually the DEA is going to come after all the doctors handing out these drugs in exchange for junkets and movie premiere tickets, and of course the money.


Kumail Nanjiani


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How Kumail Nanjiani Got Huge

Nanjiani started working out as a scrawny teenager growing up in Pakistan. He had a huge head and tiny body and hated the way he looked. He remembers at least one classmate calling him Chicken Shoulders. “It would’ve been better if I was like, ‘Hey, I like how I look. Fuck ’em all,’ ” he says. “But I didn’t do that.”

And while Nanjiani kept up his workout routine after he moved to the States and became famous—first for his stand-up comedy, then for his role on Silicon Valley, and then for cowriting and starring in The Big Sick—no one was mistaking him for Stallone or Schwarzenegger. But then, in late 2018, he was cast in Marvel’s Eternals, out next month, as Kingo, a near-immortal superhero disguised in the everyday world as a Bollywood star. He transformed his body for the role, spending hours and hours in the gym working out with a trainer, sometimes to the point of puking. With the transformation complete—and at the urging of one of his trainers, David Higgins—Nanjiani posted a few pics of his new bod to Instagram. Maybe you saw—and even gasped, along with the rest of the internet. Even The Rock, patron saint of swole, commented: “Extremely hard work. Dense muscle is hard to achieve.” There was a Men’s Health cover (a copy of which his mother-in-law carries around in her bag to show off). He appeared, temporarily, as the thumbnail on Pornhub’s Muscular Men category, which resulted in a free 10-year subscription to Pornhub Premium. Making Eternals—even just getting ready to make it—changed his life in ways he’s still getting his head around.

When we meet for coffee in Los Angeles, not quite two years removed from his Instagram post, he looks as if he has maintained his Kingo physique, with a pair of shoulders that, even beneath his blue T-shirt, appear superheroic. Laced with gray, his dense black hair matches his dark, expressive eyes, thick eyebrows framing a very square jaw. Fresh off playing the kind of character he read about in comic books as a kid, Nanjiani is negotiating what it means to be a new kind of leading man—starting with what it’s like to live in his new superhero skin. – Source


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