We always knew about the one secret child, but apparently there are two secret children.

The most recent one was discovered this week when she went to go take the written test to get a learners permit for driving.

That alliterate permanent A list singer is so good at hiding things.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s ‘Secret Daughter’ Tiffany Whyte Speaks Out About Being Supposed Child Of James DeBarge

For more than thirty years, rumors swirled that singer Janet Jackson and her ex-husband, James DeBarge, had a secret baby they gave up for adoption in 1985. Jackson never publicly responded to the accusation, but now there’s a face to the rumor. Tiffany Whyte claimed to be the unwanted daughter of Jackson and DeBarge during a bombshell interview with Radar Online Tuesday.

Whyte wanted acknowledgement from her supposed mother. “[Janet] has been denying me for many years,” Whyte told Radar Online in an exclusive interview. “I waited 31 years.”

She discovered Jackson and DeBarge were her parents years ago after an unnamed woman sent her messages. They divorced shortly after the “secret” child’s supposed birth after a year of marriage.

“I’ve been kept a secret a very long time,” Whyte said. “I want people to know the truth.”

The orphan grew up in the state foster care system. “I don’t want to get famous off of this. Trust me, I don’t,” Whyte told Radar. “I just want my mother. I want my father. ”

Whyte was confident Jackson is her mother because she had a matching DNA test with her alleged paternal grandmother, Etterlene DeBarge . “[Janet] has been denying me for many years,” the unclaimed daughter said. “I waited 31 years.” – Source

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