So, what happened to the LLC?

Did the feds freeze its assets?

Was it dissolved?

Last time the property tax bill of the procurer/madam/sexual assaulter’s house was paid, it was by the LLC.

This time around it was paid by the probable husband.

It must be love because that bill was a little over $11K.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Scott Borgerson

Ghislaine Maxwell says her marriage will keep her in the US if she’s released on bail. She previously said she was getting a divorce.

Ghislaine Maxwell told government officials in July that she was “in the process of divorcing her husband” Scott Borgerson, federal prosecutors say in a new court filing.

The revelation comes in response to a new proposal from Maxwell asking that she be released on a $28.5 million bail package while awaiting trial.

Maxwell was arrested in July on charges of recruiting and grooming girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, and sexually abusing them herself.

Maxwell’s current relationship status is unclear. Prosecutors say her bail application asked permission that she live with someone other than her husband.

Her lawyers also said that she’d waive her non-extradition rights in France, where she’s a citizen, but a French official said that isn’t an option. – Source

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