4 01, 2021

Did the feds freeze its assets?

So, what happened to the LLC? Did the feds freeze its assets? Was it dissolved? Last time the property tax bill of the procurer/madam/sexual assaulter's house was paid, it was by the LLC. This time around it was paid by the probable husband. It must be love because that bill was a little over $11K.

16 12, 2020

He also was a collector like his friend, the billionaire pedophile.

It has been more than three days, but there has been a resurrection. When the original death announcement was made, there were a fair number of people who didn't really believe this person was dead. However, in the intervening half decade, and with no sighting of the person, the number of believers he was alive, shrank.

8 11, 2020

There are no new leads from a year ago.

The same story ran a year ago about the same suspect in this long running child abduction case. There are no new leads from a year ago. It is literally the exact same story. Why run it again now? There was a sketch circulated in the second round that looked remarkably like the madam/procurer, but the suspect for the abduction has been in jail and there are photos.

24 09, 2020

24/7 checks and no privacy.

With the assistance of several dozen guards and her attorneys on standby in case of the worst, the procurer/serial sexual assaulter/madam made it through the second of two possible execution nights last night. At this point, she has probably been pushed over the edge due to the 24/7 checks and no privacy.

6 09, 2020

The switch

The attorney who is in charge of keeping the dead man's switch for the procurer thinks unredacted deposition transcripts will hasten her death. Meanwhile, one of the names in it has been harassing lawyers he thinks might be in control of the switch.

6 08, 2020

Will it be the night of the 14th?

It doesn't seem like very many people judging by recent words are very hopeful that the madam/procurer/serial sexual assaulter is going to die of natural causes. Will it be the night of the 14th or the night of September 4th?

25 07, 2020

Wait until everyone starts digging

This public figure/billionaire has come under very close public scrutiny the past few days. Wait until everyone starts digging into his ties with the procurer/madam/sexual assaulter and the favors she would do for him.

18 07, 2020

High profile suicide

With the events of today, it is more likely than not, that a very recent high profile suicide was related to the arrest today.