The A list actor/sometime director and his significant other are headed for another split.

She thought she could control him, but that is never going to happen.

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Rocky Marriage Hits A New Low – JLo Takes Husband To Couple’s Therapy After Being Threatened By His Closeness To Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner (Reports)

Ever since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have tied the knot, there have been rumors about trouble in paradise for the couple. Recently, the couple was spotted on a McDonald’s date, and their pictures went viral on social media immediately after. On to the series of new events, a report suggests JLo is hurt by Ben’s cozy meeting with ex-wife Jennifer Garner and is considering couple therapy to discuss boundaries with her husband. Scroll below to read the scoop.

The rumors have sparked that Ben is being potentially unfaithful in his marriage with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, to change the public narrative about their relationship, JLo has been putting in extra effort and making public appearances with Ben every now and then. – Source

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s latest statement shuts down split rumours

After months of estranged rumours, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck packed a heavy PDA to tell the world their romance is still up and running.

Snapping at Tina’s Pumpkin Patch, the pair was sweetly attached to each other as the Batman star kissed his better half while the 54, wrapped her arms around his waist. – Source

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly afraid she and Ben Affleck may split again due to paparazzi

Back when they dated the first time, Ben Affleck simply couldn’t keep up with the media frenesi surrounding him and Jennifer Lopez and decided to end their relationship. Paparazzi kept swarming the couple at every chance they could and after more than 20 years, nothing has really changed. Ben and JLo decided to give love one more try and they even got secretly married in Vegas. But the most recent interactions between the couple in public have given us a slight idea of what Ben Affleck is going through with his new wife. Over the last week, there have been a couple of key moments that revealed what could truly be happening between these two in private.

The first interaction was Ben slamming the door on Jennifer as a paparazzi was close tothe couple while snapping pictures. Affleck didn’t seem in a great mood ashe didn’t during the premiere of ‘The Mother’ where his wife stars. At a certain moment, Ben seems more agitated than normal and he screams at Jennifer Lopez in front of everybody. They were on the red carpet when this happened nd it sent shockwaves through the Internet. Apparently, Ben Affleck is starting to show similar behaviors from the time in which he first dated Jannifer Lopez. It’s not hard to understand Ben Affleck wants more privacy than he gets. – Source

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