Apparently this former Housewife and this nepo baby/A- list reality star/bad actress are competing for the same guy they both think is rich, but isn’t.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Real Housewives of Atlanta

Tori Spelling

Chet Hanks

Reader Blind: The young singer may not kiss and tell while traveling, but when she’s back home she’s pretty loose lipped about her bodyguard boyfriend.

He’s quite a bit older than her and many in her camp do not approve, but she doesn’t care.

Evidently things are pretty serious between them as he just relocated to LA and even helped her move into her new home there.

Seems that he’s her hired muscle in more ways than one.

Olivia Rodrigo

This back in the day A- list bad actress has been taking the weekly shot.

She has no prospects on the horizon and is about to start an OnlyFans.

Tori Spelling


The live action Disney princess must be spending a fortune having someone photoshop her photos.

She really wants someone to buy the live event pictures.

Halle Bailey

Apparently, the held against her will royal, recently tried to kill herself.

Just let her be free.

Charlene, Princess of Monaco

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