If you ever needed proof that someone else has access to the social media of the permanent A list “singer,” a recent post related to trauma suggests the singer doesn’t do drugs.

Not true.

It was also the subject of said post that got her pregnant and not the A list singer solo and in a group which led to the abortion.

Britney Spears

Wade Robson

Justin Timberlake

Speaking of alliterate, this singer/actress is terrified the things she did for the producer/wannabe rapper will soon be exposed.

It was not that long ago that she hosted a sex party for elites.

Teyana Taylor

Sean Combs

Judging by their pasts, the one named rapper/statutory rap*st and the statutory rap*st rapper who watched people die were probably fighting over a teenager while at the overseas film festival.


Travis Scott


The ex of the A list actor/sometime director is spending so much time with the actor to make sure he doesn’t go off the wagon and start drinking again because that would just make everything worse.

Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck

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