14 11, 2021

Liars are going to lie.

We all know the A list rapper found out that night. He watched it happen and rushed out. Prior to lawyering up, he said he found out at an after party. Now, after lawyering up, he didn't find out until the next day, despite the entire world knowing about it the previous night. Liars are going to lie.

13 11, 2021

This will bankrupt him.

There is no way the liability insurance that this A list rapper is going to be high enough to cover all of the wrongful death suits. This will bankrupt him. Apparently they tried to also do everything on the cheap, which will also be exposed.

13 11, 2021

I was imagining how low a celebrity could go.

I was imagining how low a celebrity could go. This one is right up there. This A list rapper signed a partnership agreement and will receive a commission from every person that signs up for a free month on a mental health app.

22 09, 2021

STD accusation

The question of the day is whether the STD that this A+ list rapper gave to this foreign born one named permanent A list singer, was also given to the reality star who is the mother of his child.

18 09, 2021

It is disturbing.

Despite there being half-siblings in the family, they loathe them. They only want to procreate with the same dad no matter how many children they have with others or despite them also being with other people. It is disturbing.

19 06, 2021

Red carpet

This A list rapper might have hit a red carpet with the alleged billionaire reality star, but he was hitting/smashing/hooking up with someone else a day prior.

7 04, 2021

She exposed her DMs

This alliterate offspring of foreign born A listers who made their fame in different areas of the entertainment world, just got a tattoo of his insanely wealthy girlfriend. Apparently he is also one of the spotlighted people who messaged the foreign born 1.5 hit wonder.

19 11, 2020

Rapper’s girlfriend is now hooking up with the ex of the reality star.

A new twist to the shooting tale. To recap, you had the A- list reality starĀ  with the lucrative side gig being very flirty with a rapper. The rapper went a little too far with the flirting. The rapper's girlfriend who is also a rapper got upset and was shot. Well, the rapper's girlfriend is now hooking up with the ex of the reality star. The ex with the money, not the broke one.

14 06, 2020

She doesn’t get to go to his place ever.

This A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig is desperate to be with the father to her child. He doesn't give her the time of day unless he can find literally no one else to sleep with that day. Then, and only then he might call her at 1am and not ask, but just say he is on his way over. She doesn't get to go to his place ever.