Just like I told you last week and has been confirmed this week, this A- list rapper with the death settlements split with the reality star.

He just has never cared for her as much as his long time girlfriend.

Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott

Rojean Kar

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott ‘On a Break’ From Relationship and Leading ‘Different Lifestyles,’ Source Says

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are taking some time apart. A source tells ET that the parents of two are currently “on a break” from their romance.

“The two have had an up and down relationship,” the source says, “and although they aren’t together right now, it doesn’t mean it’s over for good.”

As for why they’re pressing pause on their relationship, the source explains, “Kylie and Travis live different lifestyles and that’s been a big issue.” – Source

Travis Scott’s Rumored Ex, Yungsweetro, Accused Him Of Lying And Cheating On Kylie Jenner In A Series Of Scathing Videos. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

The gossip began to swirl online after the rumored ex in question, Rojean Kar — who goes by Yungsweetro on Instagram — shared a video of herself on the set of a mystery project with Travis in the background. “I’m directing obvi,” she captioned her post, alongside a winky emoji. Travis also shared similar photos on a set which heightened the online speculation about their relationship.

Travis’s claim that he doesn’t know Ro and has “never been” with her was quickly questioned by several internet users, in light of their allegedly complicated history.

And thanks to fans’ extensive digging — namely an in-depth deep dive from Medium user @ibeendrakein and TikTok user @devotedly.yours’s now-viral explanation of the whole thing — some people are speculating that Travis was not only romantically linked to Ro before he began dating Kylie, but also that he’s been with her at several points during their relationship.

on October 1, 2016, Ro posted a picture of herself holding a bunch of flowers, which she captioned: “Still hate u tho :).” The very next day, Travis posted a photo with the caption, “Love you too,” which fans read as a subtle back and forth between the pair.

Fast forward to 2017: Travis and Ro seemed to repeatedly appear to pop up in the same place at the same time. From January to mid-March, their Instagram locations matched on several occasions, before the two were both spotted at the first weekend of Coachella in April.

However, some people are now speculating that Ro might’ve been in Travis’s life all along, given that they both appeared to be at the same places while he and Kylie were dating. In October 2017, for example, Travis posted a photo of himself in a studio, while Ro allegedly posted a similar picture — also from within a studio — to her Instagram stories.

Months later, in December, Ro shared a photo flaunting a diamond ring on her pinky finger, which bears a resemblance to Travis’s famous promise ring. The validity of the image has been called into question, as it no longer appears on Ro’s Instagram page. Some assume that the photo was deleted or archived, while others have speculated that it was photoshopped entirely.


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But some fans have gone on to speculate that Travis might’ve flown out to celebrate Ro’s birthday the following year.

In March 2018 — a month after his and Kylie’s first child, Stormi, was born — Travis took a trip to what appeared to be a ski resort. That same month, Ro posted that she was flying somewhere for her birthday, before later sharing a photo of herself posing at what seemed to also be a ski resort. Days later, Kylie flew out and ended up sharing photos that had a similarly snowy backdrop.

But it’s since been speculated that Ro had actually recycled old photos after going on a ski trip months prior with a man who shared footage of the two out in the mountains back in January. Some users began accusing her of purposefully fueling rumors that she and Travis were together by posting old photos. On Oct. 24, Ro appeared to claim that this wasn’t the case, writing on Instagram: “I have never perpetuated any narrative. I never said I’m currently with him or have recently been with him.”

In June 2018, Ro shared a video of Kim Kardashian’s then-husband Kanye (Ye) West’s album listening party. The event was super exclusive, with only close friends and family of Ye’s in attendance.

And later that year, for Halloween, Travis hosted a huge party that fans noticed was attended by not just Kylie, but Ro, too.

Of course, 2018 also saw the release of Travis’s album Astroworld. Fans have since raised their eyebrows at some of the lyrics on the first track, “Stargazing.” He sings, “She was talkin’ ’bout forever, got a whole week / Plus, she know my baby mama is a trophy.”

The rumors in question went on to claim that Travis had cheated on Kylie with Ro. Ro then posted a public Instagram story of a screenshot which appeared to show that Kylie had blocked her. “How many times a day do you block & unblock me girl,” she wrote.

The following month, tensions appeared to reach a high. On March 15, which was just days after her birthday, Ro shared a photo of herself flaunting a huge watch, along with the caption, “tell ur bd i said thx.” The abbreviation “bd” is commonly used to mean “baby daddy.” She’s since changed the caption to say, “It was song lyrics.”

And the very next day, Kylie shared a picture of a watch to her Instagram story, writing: “babe with the spontaneous gifts @travisscott.” – Read more here

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