This foreign born former A list tweener singer who is A-/B+ list now as an adult is going to keep dropping if he doesn’t lay off the meth.

At a recent endorsement shoot it took forever because he was so out of control and wasted.

Zayn Malik

I’m shocked at how many times this foreign born A-/B+ list dual threat actress lets her foreign born A- list mostly television actor boyfriend who is one of many to play an iconic role, humiliate her.

He cheats and is not even shy about it.

Lily James

Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”)

Apparently the women they arranged to have sex with the oft cheating, oft troubled, child molesting former reality star were not enough.

The still married celebrity has been hooking up with a stripper he met online.

Josh Duggar

I’m shocked the police weren’t called.

Apparently after both getting drunk at a holiday party, this director and his B list actress wife known more for what she wears than her acting got into a huge fight at home.

It involved the director at one point throwing an empty wine bottle at the head of his wife which missed.

She grabbed the neck of the bottle when he came after her and slashed him with it before running into a bedroom and locking the door.

She then called a friend rather than the police to come get her.

Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth

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