This celebrity offspring has people following her almost all of the time when she leaves her home and has people also watching some of her friends too.

Suri Cruise

This A list producer asked for a favor from this A++ singer and decade-long collaborator to repost a very short story on her Instagram that promoted his new album.

She refused.

Jack Antonoff

Taylor Swift

This foreign born alliterate singer who would love to act can say what she wants with word salad, but she left her group because someone promised her more money and fame and convinced her she could be a huge star on her own.

Camila Cabello

Fifth Harmony

This A list mostly movie actor has wanted his own adult website for a long time.

A website to compete with Only Fans and others.

He has filmed tons of content and has over the past few years brought in women from time to time to have them film content. It was always sporadic though.

Now, though he is trying to gather together 100 women he has found on social media at an event in the mountains at the end of this month

. He thinks if he can get them all in a room together that he can convince most of them to sign on and he can launch the website.

He is also bringing in a dozen women who do webcamming and are really successful at it to make it seem like it is easy money.

He isn’t inviting the thousands of women who don’t make any money doing adult work.

Jared Leto

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