3 05, 2021

Trademark tree

This A- list actor/singer who is currently making the life of this actress/singer even more miserable than she was prior to the events of the week, refused to do an interview with this magazine unless they included a photo of him in front of the tree which is kind of their trademark.

20 04, 2021

No Comment

If you get this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee talking, there is not much that is off limits. If you want to talk to her about being a scary date and how guys don't want to spend the night, she will talk about it. The deaths in her life? No problem. Family? What do you want to know. Famous exes and not so famous exes, ask away. The one thing she refuses to talk about though is her short time spent with this A- list mostly movie actor who has starred in the DC Universe. The actor, who has not the greatest reputation with his co-stars also has a not so great history with women in his life.

10 12, 2020

He is trying to buy a website/message board

This A- list singer/actor who we all know loves underage girls is trying to buy a website/message board from way back in the day that has first person accounts of dozens of underage girls and their experience with him.

31 10, 2020

He has “ideas.”

This A- list actor/singer/really bad person is named as a producer in a project that has not yet received a green light despite the addition of a really good director. The executives of the studio will rue the day if they actually do green light the project with that actor attached. It will be a huge huge financial loss for them. He has "ideas."

30 03, 2020

New angles

This actor/singer is always looking for new angles to find underage girls to assault. So many of his followers bring them to him now without him having to do the work.

4 06, 2019

She was lied to.

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was repeatedly assured there would be no cameos by this singer/actor. She was lied to.

4 04, 2019

The actor kept telling her everything was fine with it.

It was about three years ago when this took place. This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and all around jerk had just finished having sex with a woman while being photographed by an award winning photographer. The actor said he was tired of familiarity and wanted a groupie. The photographer suggested they go to a nearby club and see what they could find for the actor.