10 12, 2020

He is trying to buy a website/message board

This A- list singer/actor who we all know loves underage girls is trying to buy a website/message board from way back in the day that has first person accounts of dozens of underage girls and their experience with him.

31 10, 2020

He has “ideas.”

This A- list actor/singer/really bad person is named as a producer in a project that has not yet received a green light despite the addition of a really good director. The executives of the studio will rue the day if they actually do green light the project with that actor attached. It will be a huge huge financial loss for them. He has "ideas."

30 03, 2020

New angles

This actor/singer is always looking for new angles to find underage girls to assault. So many of his followers bring them to him now without him having to do the work.

4 06, 2019

She was lied to.

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was repeatedly assured there would be no cameos by this singer/actor. She was lied to.

4 04, 2019

The actor kept telling her everything was fine with it.

It was about three years ago when this took place. This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and all around jerk had just finished having sex with a woman while being photographed by an award winning photographer. The actor said he was tired of familiarity and wanted a groupie. The photographer suggested they go to a nearby club and see what they could find for the actor.

2 01, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This A- list actor/singer has been sending naked pics of his foreign born A- list actress ex to her. The thing is though, she didn't know the pictures were being taken of her. The guy is so strange. / Go check the phone of this former tweener turned A- list adult singer/bad actress and you will see a flurry of texts from this foreign born former A+ list tweener who was texting like a mad man while his wife was at a fashion show. / This former naked celebrity turned host turned actress turned celebrity turned host and her A- list dual threat celebrity/actor husband are on the outs.

4 09, 2018

4 blinds in a row

His fans think the significant other of this B+ list actor/singer was doing the cheating in their marriage / This mogul/wannabe singer is about to be taken down by some former employees who were also reality stars./ They were also all over each other. / Never having anyone say no has been destructive to him.