No one really watches award shows any longer.

They especially don’t watch the one that was on this week.

So, the people behind it decided to invite all the social media stars so they would make content about it and at least maybe people would watch online and get some traction for next year.

People’s Choice Awards

When this A+ list singer was dating her last guy, our singer had to reach out to the woman the guy had been hooking up with and pay her some money and have her sign a NDA because of the murky timeline.

The guy is now back with that same woman.

Taylor Swift

Matt Healy

Gabbriette Bechtel

Speaking of theme parks, the alliterate one wanted a private late night tour of the one in Anaheim and was told they don’t even do that for the big stars.

That is how it was phrased too.

Meghan Markle


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