The house owned by the jailed serial rapist/madam/procurer isn’t going to be foreclosed on any time soon.

Once again her husband using unknown funds, paid the $11K property tax bill.

He did change the address of the fake business from some random Boston address to the address of the house.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Scott Borgerson

Ex-Jeffrey Epstein girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell seeks $28.5 million bail package – December 2020

Lawyers for the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein are urging a judge to free her to await trial under a $28.5 million bail package that would include armed guards to ensure she remains safe and doesn’t flee a New York City residence.

The lawyers said Maxwell and her spouse, with whom she has been living for most of the past four years, were offering a bail package partially consisting of a $22.5 million personal recognizance bond secured by $8 million in property and $500,000 in cash. They said it represents all of Maxwell and her husband’s assets, including three homes.

The husband wasn’t identified in court papers, but a financial report among exhibits said the couple was married in 2016 and that Maxwell had put the majority of the $20.2 million in assets she had in 2015 into a trust controlled by her spouse. It said the assets, $16 million of which were in cash or equities, were worth $22.5 million on Oct. 31.

The financial report also noted that prosecutors in their initial bail submission cited transfers totaling more than $20 million from 2007 to 2011, describing them as transfers from Epstein’s accounts to Maxwell’s accounts and vice versa.

The financial report noted that Maxwell acted during those years as an officer of various corporate entities related to aircraft and air travel associated with Epstein and there were substantial transfers involving those corporate entities.

The identities of seven other close friends and family members who the lawyers said were willing to pledge about $5 million of their own assets toward the bail package were also not revealed. The lawyers said bail would include electronic monitoring.- Source

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