They both flip each other off as Madame exits the club

I had to check with several of my sources to authenticate this, but this fracas did indeed happen a couple of weeks ago.

At a gay club in West Hollywood, this barely hanging on to A-list singer and sometime actress (let’s call her Madame) had booked the entire VIP lounge for a party with her friends. Suddenly, one of her friends comes over and whispers to the singer that this A/B-list singer and former tweener (let’s call her Deb) is there with a whole entourage and is demanding to use the VIP lounge.

The tweener was throwing a fit and all of a sudden she marches past security and barges right into the VIP lounge.

Keep and mind that these two ladies have never liked each other.

Then this happened:

Madame: Hi there, can I help you with something sweetie?

Deb: Shut the fuck up, I had this lounge booked for today!

Madame: Honey, I’ve had this lounge booked for WEEKS and I wasn’t told YOU were coming here.

Deb: You’re so full of shit.

Madame: Funny, I’ve always thought the same about you. Well, if you want us out of here, we will. I can’t deal with baby diva temper tantrums.

*Madame and her friends get up and leave*

Deb: Bye, bitch! Stay off the Coke while you’re at it!

Madame: I was going to say the same thing to you! Do something with your life! *laughs*

Deb: Bye, c*nt!
*they both flip each other off as Madame exits the club*

Deb: I can’t stand her!

Madame: Lady Gaga
Deb: Ariana Grande

Source: Mr. X via

Do you believe it?

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