9 10, 2020

The Darkness

I think all too often when people discuss the darkness in Hollywood or the elite, the people being spoken about tend to be older, which is true. At one point they were young too though. Looking at some people emerging though to take their place, a couple of have stood out and they are both female singers.

17 08, 2020

This month was no different.

Every month it seems this A list singer/wannabe full time actress comes up with a new condition which allows her to be prescribed more pills. This month was no different.

22 06, 2020

Kind of interesting

Kind of interesting the blogger brings up the A list singer doing coke, and forgets to mention the other A list singer/wannabe actress who also did the same thing.

4 06, 2020

They really do hate each other.

This A list singer who wishes she was an actress has several finsta accounts that always praise the singer while always trashing the permanent A+ list one named singer. They really do hate each other.

11 05, 2020

Just ask the celebrity directly.

There are literally tens of millions of dollars available to him with a phone call, but this parental unit of a celebrity is asking the public for money using the celebrity's image and name. Just ask the celebrity directly.

31 03, 2020

Things are even worse than before.

In addition to not helping family members paying off debts she used to, this A/A- list singer/sometime actress is once again facing accusations her charity is just a personal bank account for the singer. I have talked about it before, but things are even worse than before.

12 03, 2020

3 blinds in a row

This permanent A list country singer finally found someone he can cheat with on his celebrity girlfriend and thinks no one will know. I know. The person who told me knows. The plan doesn't seem to be working well. / This alliterate talk show host got trashed at a dinner where it was 100% the wrong thing to do. It was a somber occasion. / This A/A- list singer/sometime actress owes her drug dealer tens of thousands of dollars. She started using him when she could only find a couple of doctors to write her prescriptions.

22 02, 2020

Apparently wigs and extensions are no longer enough

This A/A- list singer/actress has been trying hair treatments to try and regrow her hair, but they aren't working. Apparently wigs and extensions are no longer enough and she is going to have hair transplant surgery to hide the thinning and bald spots. Maybe if she stopped doing as many drugs too that might help.