How many days of a residency do you have to do to pay off mid eight figures?

I guess this A+/A list singer is going to find out.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, known for hits like “24K Magic,” entered a multi-year residency with MGM Resorts International in 2016, performing at the Park MGM resort in Las Vegas.

However, reports suggest that Mars has accumulated significant gambling debts at MGM’s poker tables, allegedly owing up to $50 million.

Sources claim that Mars’ contract with MGM earns him $90 million annually, but a substantial portion goes towards repaying his gambling debts, leaving him with a relatively modest income of $1.5 million per performance after taxes.

Mars’ deal with MGM also included ventures like The Pinky Ring, a cocktail lounge at the Bellagio Resort.

In a 2013 interview, Mars discussed his early gambling experiences, admitting to being a competitive player before his rise to fame. He recounted his nervous first bet at 19, emphasizing the importance of learning from losses.

Overall, despite his success in the music industry, Mars seems to be grappling with a sizable gambling debt that affects his financial situation.

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