They are trial dating!

Everyone is wondering about this athlete’s outing with a beautiful blonde.

Does this mean that they are dating?

Sort of.

They are trial dating!

She has a film coming out which could be her entree into a serious acting career.

That requires big publicity… which is easier to obtain if you have a famous man by your side!

He’s coming off a contract relationship that didn’t end very amicably.

He needs to quickly diffuse any rumors that might make him look anything less than completely manly… which is easier to do with a beautiful woman by your side!

He needs a girlfriend.

She needs a P.R. bump.

He held up his end of his contract with [Dark-Haired Actress].

She held up her end of her contract with [Actor].

So, the timing is right, they both have a P.R. need, and they both have contract experience.

So when will this perfect relationship come to pass?

They get along but he wants to do a couple of more casual outings before signing.

He’s just cautious because of his experience with [Actress].

Contract goes all summer.

They’re both in great shape so we are hoping to get lots of fun and romantic photo ops at the beach and such.

Option for an extension in the autumn.

It looks good right now, but check back in a few weeks.

We will!

We’re hoping for a “fun and romance”-packed summer!

Aaron Rogers
Kelly Rohrbach
Dark-Haired Actress: Olivia Munn
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio


Do you believe it?

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