The latest terrible trend in social media is #aftersex selfies, posted to Instagram.

And like most trends young Hollywood is right on it.

The trend has a distinct air of doth-protest-too-much.

And is being criticized as over sharing run amuck.

“This troubled young male singer, who is always in trouble with the law, has a private collection of after sex selfies,” one insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

“So far they have not been posted on social media.

However, it won’t be long before some young star posts them, he takes a picture with every girl he sleeps with.

A friend of mine who has slept with a young singer a few months ago confirms that he took a picture of them together just after they had sex.

She was hoping he would post it, so she could become famous, but so far, he has kept it private!”

EEWWWW, what a strange collection!

Justin Bieber


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