This Actor on a current prime-time television series hates one of his male Costars.

So what did he do about it? He plotted to get him kicked off the show!

We told you about this situation in an earlier blind item.

The Actor met with the show’s producers to tell them that Costar was the reason that the show’s ratings had declined and that they should replace him with someone else!

Well, the Costar read the blind item, found out that this event really happened… and all hell broke loose on the set!

Costar confronted Actor. During the day. On the set.

With everyone in the cast and crew watching! It was an all-out screaming match!

Actor told Costar: You are ruining the show!

You aren’t good-looking or talented enough to be anyone’s love interest!

You’re naive to think that people on the show are really friends with each other and that we don’t talk behind each other’s backs! Costar screamed right back: I thought we were friends! I can’t believe that you betrayed me like this! I can’t believe that you would mess with my career!

Everybody got dragged into the producer’s offices over the next couple of days for multiple meetings. People were crying and yelling. A decision was made. Costar is OUT! He wasn’t fired, per se, but he was strongly encouraged to leave.

He will finish out this season, but that’s it.

He will not come back at all next season. Not even for guest appearances.

Producers will spin his departure as a combination of plot modifications/he’s pursuing other interests/we all love him and wish him well, etc.

But you’ll know the truth. He was pushed out by a nasty coworker. By the way, there were also two actresses and another actor also involved in this mess.

Do you love every colleague with whom you have ever worked with?

Of course not! But if you are smart and professional, you do your job to the best of your ability and you try to get along.

And if you are immature and nasty, you try to get them fired.

You already know that Actor 1 campaigned to get his Costar kicked off their television show.

These sorts of things don’t happen in a vacuum, though. Other colleagues got mired in this mess, and we want to tell you how they were involved or affected.

Actress 1 is close friends with Actor 1, and was a his co-conspirator in this mess.

She complained and made fun of Costar behind his back, and played wing man to Actor 1 in meetings with the producers to get Costar fired.

While Actress 1 didn’t take the lead in getting Costar canned, she certainly is guilty of supporting the Actor’s nasty conduct, and deserves much of the blame for what happened.

We’ve got news for you, Actress 1 (and we know you are reading this!):

Your colleagues at work are not at all happy with the chaos that you have created.

They think you have a lot of nerve criticizing Costar for not being honest about who he is and for staging relationships for the publicity.

Pot, kettle.

One more thing, Actress 1: We wonder if you would be such good friends with Actor 1 if you knew that he used to constantly talk behind your back?

You should really confront him and ask him about the very nasty nickname he had for you the first couple of years you worked together.

The producers of this television show allowed the tail to wag the dog, and the results were both predictable and ugly. Actor 1 and Actress 1 didn’t just screw over their Costar.

They also messed with another cast member’s paychecks!

Actress 2 got caught in the crossfire. She was going to be transitioning off the show eventually.

However, the producers decided that they could not have two popular characters leave so close together.

So they had to get rid of Actress 2 immediately.

We already told you how this is going to happen on the show. Actress 2 was furious about being given the bum’s rush! She was counting on those steady paychecks.

She does know that Actor 1 and Actress 1 were responsible for this and is really pissed off at them.

However, Actress 2 is more mature than her colleagues so don’t expect to hear any public anger from her (or her man) about how she was screwed over in this.

The final cast member that was directly impacted is Actor 2. He was the guy that Actor 1 and Actress pitched to the producers to replace Costar and become Actor 1’s boyfriend on the show.

According to Actor 1, “Costar isn’t good-looking or talented enough to play (my character’s) boyfriend.

I deserve to have someone better looking and more talented.”

Yes, Actor 1 really said that. Actor 2 wasn’t a regular on the show, but he did have some story arcs, and became off-screen friends with Actor 1 and Actress 1.

He was initially amenable to taking the job, but – when all the drama and craziness started going down – he bowed out, citing other work commitments.

That was smart of him.

How and when are they going to write Costar out of the series?

The short answer is… nobody knows! The writers can’t figure out how to take out his character without leaving too many plot holes.

The latest idea is to let his character move to the big city (as originally planned) for just a couple of episodes, and then get rid of him. No, we don’t think that they will kill him off. After all, this is comedy, not Game of Thrones (although we love the idea of a “Red Audition” episode)!

So, to summarize, here is what we know TODAY (but keep in mind that things are changing on a daily basis): Actress 2 is out in the next couple of episodes but will occasionally make guest appearances; Actor 2 is out as a series regular; Costar is out (as soon as they can figure out a departure story that works) and will not be making any return appearances once he’s gone; the cast and crew are upset; and the plot is a big stinking mess… all thanks to the evil plotting of Actor 1 and his wing man Actress 1!

Of course, everyone could kiss and make up and be happy tomorrow.

But we doubt it.

Actor 1: Chris Colfer “Kurt Hummel”
Actor 2: Adam Lambert “Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert”
Costar: Darren Criss “Blaine Anderson”
Actress 1: Lea Michele “Rachel Berry”
Actress 2: Naya Rivera “Santana Lopez”/(her man: Big Sean)
TV Show: “Glee”


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