14 03, 2021

Not surprising.

Oh, you mean the narcissistic show runner who only likes the person he sees in the mirror and was willing to hire nobody casts to put more money in his own pocket, product be damned, is being accused of not following through on promises for a dead actress he treated like crap while she was alive. Not surprising.

15 10, 2020

4 blinds in a row

The former A+ list rapper is now being accused of trying to get a loan from a bank last year using falsified documents. The documents valued his company at a multiple of 60 of what it is actually worth. / The celebrity spouse of this A+ list mostly movie actor/sometime director has been sharing an apartment with another man. / I have assumed it was either a jealous lover who didn't like her yachting with others or an ex. It turns out though, a family member is the beneficiary of a multi million dollar life insurance policy. Opens up a whole bunch of other avenues to explore. / One of the reasons for the fallout between this A list rapper and her sister is because it is really bad form for the sister to have slept with the husband of the rapper.

24 11, 2019

She was always a yachter to make ends meet

Over the past several months, this former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who had a nice run on that singing show has not been able to find any work. Not even a sponsored post. She was always a yachter to make ends meet, but she is actively hitting men up through Instagram and other social media looking for something monthly to pay those bills.

17 05, 2019

Whether she is doing a photo shoot or hitting a red carpet or meeting a customer, she is always selling.

This actress was probably known by most of you several years ago. She has dropped further down the list since her long running network show ended. Since then, it has mostly been misses for her career. Yes, she has a recurring on a show, but the budget is so small, she is not making enough to even cover a quarter of her monthly expenses. Long identified in this space as a yachter, that hasn't changed, but it still wasn't enough money to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted.

1 01, 2019

There are too many others out there exactly like her producers can hire

The coke habit is bad right now for this former B+ list mostly television actress who was basically fired from a long running network show which was followed by a crash and burn show. Now, she works, but not very high paying work and the partying is starting to show signs of wear. There are too many others out there exactly like her producers can hire.