#1: The alliterate adult boy bander called the paps to show him being a loving father.

He is going all in on the terrible parent thing towards the actress.

That is going to backfire on him in a big way.

#2: When the alliterate boy bander met the actress he is trying to throw under a bus, he was partying so much and doing so many drugs that the members of his side gig threatened to throw him out.

Joe Jonas is actively portraying himself as a dedicated father amid his divorce from Sophie Turner. TMZ reported their likely split before confirming Jonas had filed for divorce, emphasizing his role in caring for their children while on tour and suggesting Turner enjoys partying while he prefers staying home. Jonas is seemingly embracing a “dad mode,” with strategically timed paparazzi photos and ring camera footage aimed at shaping public perception.

Several individuals with direct connections to Joe informed TMZ that he had access to a ring camera recording where Sophie was allegedly seen or heard saying or doing something that convinced him their marriage was ending.

During the past three months, Joe has been primarily responsible for taking care of their children. While Sophie was in London, Joe and his brothers were on a U.S. tour, and he had his two young kids with him most of the time.

#3: “Hey, we are filming our concert documentary and we need to reshoot something, so can you show up to the concert tonight.

We can still get divorced, I just need this for a continuity thing.”

Joe Jonas has been shopping for divorce lawyers, as TMZ first reported, but he’s not giving up the symbol of marriage … he was wearing his wedding ring Sunday night at his concert.

Joe and his bros performed at the Moody Center in Austin, and the gold band on his ring finger was impossible to miss.

Joe and wife Sophie Turner have been having problems for the last 6 months and Joe’s team has contacted at least 2 divorce lawyers over the past few days for the purpose of ending his marriage.

#4: Desperately trying to sell your house and taking way below asking is one thing.

But when the alliterate married boy bander starts taking an interest in a 20 year old model/fan and it isn’t just for a threesome, then you have to start telling yourself the marriage is over.

Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner

August 16: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have sparked speculation about their relationship with recent developments. Fans noticed Joe’s missing wedding ring since August 27, raising concerns. Additionally, fans have described Joe as appearing unhappy recently. Sophie Turner’s absence of a wedding ring in a friend’s photo has also attracted attention. The couple selling their house without acquiring a new one has added to the speculation about their relationship status.

They sold their Miami mansion for $15 Million

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