We are still a couple months out from the show, but this A list everything in her mind and the foreign born one named former A lister are not getting along at all.

They are both used to getting their own way.

Jennifer Lopez


2020 Super Bowl halftime show

Jennifer Lopez teases Shakira collaboration for Super Bowl performance

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for her first Oscar nomination, her first Super Bowl performance, and a potentially epic collaboration with her halftime show co-headliner Shakira.

Appearing on a recent episode of CBS This Morning, the entertainer — in the midst of a robust campaign to land her first Academy Award nomination for her performance in Hustlers — revealed she’s currently deep in rehearsals for her upcoming Miami-based performance on football’s biggest night, which she says will be split into two segments (one for each performer) with a potential on-stage collaboration in the cards.

“I’ve never even done a song with Shakira. We’re not rehearsing together, she’s doing her show, I’m doing my show, but we’re going to do something together, for sure,” Lopez said. When asked if the duo would record a song together in anticipation of the gig, she responded: “I don’t know. We haven’t gotten there yet. I think we both just started rehearsing our own songs for right now.”

Lopez went on to say that fans should anticipate a mix of English and Spanish songs, as both artists are known for their musical contributions in both languages.

“[It’ll be] a little of both. It’s in Miami, and we’re both Latin artists, we bring that flavor, and that’s going to be exciting and a new thing that hasn’t been on any other Super Bowl,” she observed. She added that landing the prestigious slot was already “like winning the Oscar” because “it’s the biggest show that there is.”- Source

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