The Clean Freak

It only took one for his reputation to be known.

He is foreign born. He is an A-/B+ list mostly movie actor.

He does those movies that seemingly are only released at the end of the year begging for awards.

He is not stranger to controversial movies.

He is a creature of the night.

He hates doing press for movies because he has to be up during the day. He is under 30, but his skin has this waxy look to it because he hates going out in the daylight.

His love life has largely been secret.

There was one romance with an Oscar nominee/winner.

She spread the word.

Since then, there have been no actresses who have gone near him.

He does have fans though, and they have spread the word around social media to the point where now when he wants to “explore” he has to hire women.

He has a white room.

White walls.

White bed.

White sheets.

One woman who had been there said it was a dystopian hospital room type feel, but luxurious.

The luxury materials were this contrast to the sterile look.

She said it made you feel more at ease before he would begin his examination.

This is his kink.

The room has extra strong lights and gets incredibly bright.

He examines every inch, and every curve of the naked woman and he says he is looking to see if she is dirty.

He pokes and prods while also pleasuring himself.

He rarely gets repeat guests.

George Mackay

Saoirse Ronan

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