One of the companies the alliterate one approached as part of her new business venture was not made to sign a NDA, and they are talking about everything to a reporter.

This is going to be so crazy.

Meghan Markle

American Riviera Orchard

Meghan Markle’s venture into the world of lifestyle branding with American Riviera Orchard has hit a roadblock as she struggles to secure a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the business. Despite a thorough search and interviews with several candidates over five weeks, the Duchess of Sussex has yet to find the right fit. This setback has led to negotiations with Netflix for a potential commercial partnership, where the streaming giant would manage operations and develop spin-off products from a proposed show. The model for this collaboration mirrors Chip and Joanna Gaines’ successful deal with HGTV/Warner Brothers for their Magnolia Network, suggesting potential profitability for both parties involved.

Meghan aiming to tap into various markets including home, garden, food, and lifestyle wares. With Netflix’s extensive reach of over 250 million paid subscribers worldwide, there’s optimism about the brand’s potential success. The Duchess unveiled the venture through a glitzy video on Instagram, showcasing her vision for the brand’s aesthetic and offerings. However, challenges persist as the workforce supporting Harry and Meghan has seen a string of departures, hinting at potential internal issues that need addressing.

In addition to the operational hurdles, Meghan’s soft launch of American Riviera Orchard through gifting her homemade jam to celebrity friends has received mixed reactions. While some recipients, like Kris Jenner, have shared appreciation for the gesture, others, including former close friends and associates, have been notably absent from the list. This strategic approach to PR signals a shift in Meghan’s inner circle, aligning more closely with her new business venture and the supportive community in her Californian enclave.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace’s official store has introduced its own strawberry preserves, drawing attention to the similarities in branding between Meghan’s products and those with royal affiliations. The juxtaposition of Meghan’s modern, aspirational brand with the traditional royal emblem adds an interesting dimension to the narrative. Despite the contrasting approaches, both ventures aim to capitalize on consumer interest in luxury food products, albeit targeting different demographics and price points.

As Meghan negotiates with Netflix and her brand grows, it shows her commitment to a new career. Despite potential challenges, her smart partnerships and brand management suggest she’s aiming for success in the lifestyle market. However, the real test will be how well her ideas connect with people worldwide.

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