This C-list reality star, has a project that could make her a crossover star outside of her fanbase, but the minute she stepped on the set, she’s been a complete nightmare, with demands, drunken tirades, gunning for certain co-stars, and even hitting on one of the co stars to the point he asked production to keep them apart because she wasn’t taking no for an answer, and he was feeling uncomfortable. This C-list celebrity with A-list name recognition, took her aside and let her know that twice as many people were going to see these antics than on her regular project, so it was time to behave.

The celeb in question seems to have it stuck on repeat in her head that the only way to get ratings and job security is to bring the crazy.

The C-list celebrity was working on collaborating with her on a new fashion project, but once she got told off, she’s going to take the deal to someone else.

Being a cable darling is one thing, but you start messing with the big daddy network, expect a lot of your quick success to evaporate, and the people waiting for you to fail to swoop in and capitalize on it for their own interests in making you look bad.

Show: “Celebrity Apprentice”
C- list reality star: Brandi Glanville
C- list celebrity: Leeza Gibbons
Gunning for: Kenya Moore; Kate Gosselin
Hitting on: Johnny Damon


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