6 05, 2020

All of you know who they are even if you wish you didn’t.

You can always tell when this former reality star is a little short on rent at the end of the month. Almost all of his digs at his still reality star ex occur towards the end of the month so he can get a little cash to pay his bills. All of you know who they are even if you wish you didn't.

20 02, 2019

Different married guy.

Just like last time when she was already hooking up with a married man while pretending to date for television, this reality star is doing the same thing again. Different married guy though.

20 05, 2018

3 blinds

I love that this directionally challenged rapper can get a huge gathering of celebrities to come to a launch of what is basically a way for him to launder money. / This looooooong time A list reality star all of you know has been raiding the trust funds of her kids to maintain her standard of living. / He checked for cameras, but that same person who has been following him for the past several months stayed for many hours in the room of this serial cheating celebrity. He isn't going to stop.

8 12, 2016

The matriarch sets the priorities for everyone.

There is one very important fact that has been left out of the discussion about why a male member of this television family was sent away to receive treatment. [The matriarch of the family] doesn’t want anyone to know that he tried to hurt [another member of the family]! While that one incident is the reason he can not live with the family, disclosing it would harm the entire family.

16 04, 2014

The only way to get ratings and job security is to bring the crazy

This C-list reality star, has a project that could make her a crossover star outside of her fanbase, but the minute she stepped on the set, she's been a complete nightmare, with demands, drunken tirades, gunning for certain co-stars, and even hitting on one of the co stars to the point he asked production to keep them apart because she wasn't taking no for an answer, and he was feeling uncomfortable.

18 09, 2013

Keeping him away from a regular paycheck is just her latest punishment

There was an interesting last-minute change to the cast of Dancing With The Stars that very few people know about. One of the cast members was supposed to be a male reality star who is no longer on television on a regular basis. His contract was this close to being signed. However, when his ex found out that he was going to be joining the cast… she started making calls to try to prevent him from being on the show! Why would she do that? To punish him!