This beach actor can say whatever he wants, but he has been using way too many drugs and combining them with booze is just a big no no.

Austin North

Outer Banks

Actor Austin North, known for his role in ‘Outer Banks,’ was reportedly involved in a disturbing incident at a Las Vegas hospital, where he allegedly assaulted emergency room staff. According to police reports obtained by TMZ, the actor went berserk, attacking several ER workers. Witnesses, including nurses and a phlebotomist (medical professional who’s trained to perform blood draws), recounted being struck and shoved by North without any apparent reason.

The chaotic situation led to North being restrained by hospital security. However, the altercation didn’t end there, as he allegedly continued to lash out, although details about the additional victim remain unclear. Eventually, police arrived and arrested North, booking him on charges of gross misdemeanor battery. His mug shot was taken, and he was later released on bond.

In an update, North addressed the incident online, revealing that he was experiencing a severe panic attack at the time, which he described as the worst he had ever endured. He expressed remorse for his actions and apologized to the hospital staff, attributing his behavior to his ongoing struggle with panic attacks. He emphasized his intention to shed more light on his condition in the future.

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