1 12, 2021

She is receiving credible threats against her life

This former Housewife who has had multiple reality shows, will usually talk about anything. One thing she doesn't discuss, are the credible threats against her life she has received the past few years because of an ongoing dispute.

9 11, 2021

How deep in the hole are they?

This Beverly Hills Housewife and her husband have been trying to take out yet another mortgage on their home. I think this would make three. How deep in the hole are they? Not the chip.

8 10, 2021

She doesn’t care

She’s hoping for a gig in one of his venues. I mean the body isn’t cold yet, but there is no time like the present to move on.

24 09, 2021

Drunken escapade

The new found narrative for this reality star who used to do more coke than almost anyone still alive is that she is a sweet mom and not a drunken mess like her reality star sister, so silence about her most recent drunken escapade at a restaurant.