9 06, 2021

The abuse at her hands was horrific.

This cable channel is about to have a huge issue on its hands. The channel is spending big bucks on PR and promotional gimmicks to make this Housewife seem loveable. The former reality star is having none of it and is set to release audio and video and personal stories which will show the Housewife for who she really is. It won't be pretty. The abuse at her hands was horrific.

4 06, 2021

The former A+ lister is not having it.

This back in the day A+ list reality star/s.e.x tape star is in a war with her mom because the mom is now on television trying to make it seem as if she is motherly and kind. The former A+ lister is not having it.

27 05, 2021

Snake oil salesman

This national news anchor who should have lost his job should be really worried about the snake oil salesman who once was attached at the hip to a Housewife is now circling the significant other of the anchor and her friends.

22 05, 2021

Sheltering Home From Lawsuits?

When I get information best used as a blind item, I consider many things including whether or not I want to put negative information out about the person or persons involved. I originally passed on this blind item mostly because it didn’t make that much sense. But nothing is making sense on this franchise lately so here we go. This couple with multiple steady income streams purchased a new home a while back and took out a traditional mortgage for about 70% of the purchase price. That seemed excessive to me at the time. But the weird part is that they recently took out a second mortgage with a private lender at a high interest rate to up their debt on the house up to close to 100%. This makes no sense.

12 03, 2021

She goes each week and take enough out to make it through until the following week. 

Every Wednesday like clockwork, this west coast Housewife makes a trip down to a bank. It is not the bank that also has her checking account or any other account. The sole purpose of this bank is to hold her cash in several safety deposit boxes. No one who works in the bank has English as a first language and have no idea who she is. She goes each week and take enough out to make it through until the following week.

27 02, 2021

Her ex thinks she was lying.

This flash in the pan foreign born reality star who used to be a Housewife is getting together with her snake oil selling friend to sell a product guaranteed to rid yourself of the disease the Housewife claims almost took her life, but has never provided proof she ever even had the disease.

9 02, 2021

Escrow account.

Lawyers on the opposite side of the west coast Housewife want any salary/earnings she makes, deposited into an escrow account.

5 02, 2021

Two blinds in a row

This foreign born former A- list syndicated actress is threatening to sue her long long time friend/lover because he has made promises to her that he was going to give her a lot of money for her years of advocacy fighting for his freedom. So far, she hasn't received anything. / This west coast Housewife let spill that the feds are investigating her still significant other.

25 01, 2021


Sometime this next week, this west coast Housewife can expect a subpoena about her finances and where the money came from to rent her new place.

15 01, 2021

She has promised investors returns of at least 15% annually.

Well, if you are going to learn MLM scams, then you should learn from the best. The best in this case is the former A list actress who no longer acts. Her protégé is this celebrity offspring who will never be as high as their parental unit. No chance. In fact, the offspring completely booted their time in the spotlight. She did however learn to run a MLM scheme. This one is actually more akin to a Ponzi scheme.

4 01, 2021

There is no cheating. None.

There is no cheating. None. It is all a bluff to try and get people focused on something else other than the Housewife's spouse headed to financial ruin and jail.