You can add a divorce to the trying year of this hated Housewife.

Lisa Rinna

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Harry Hamlin

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Kathy Hilton calls Lisa Rinna the ‘biggest bully in Hollywood’ at ‘RHOBH’ reunion

Kathy Hilton let go of her “hunky dory” persona at the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion — and laid into her new enemy, Lisa Rinna.

“You are the biggest bully in Hollywood and everyone knows it,” the socialite, 63, tells the former soap actress, 59 — whom she’s known for decades — in a preview released Thursday.

Earlier this season, Rinna compared Hilton to “the devil” after her meltdown in Aspen.

During what Rinna described as a “psychotic break,” Hilton allegedly made disparaging remarks about her youngest sister, “Beverly Hills” OG Kyle Richards, including, “I have big deals over at NBC, everyone is protecting me and I will f–king ruin Kyle.”

According to Rinna, Hilton — who joined the show as a “friend of” the cast in 2021 — also called Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke “pieces of s–t” who should be “f–king fired” from the Bravo reality show. – Source

‘RHOBH’: Harry Hamlin Once Revealed Exactly How He Helps Lisa Rinna ‘Stay Above the Fray’

Back in 2019, Hamlin sat down for an in-depth feature with The Daily Beast in an article titled

“My Divorce Lawyer Is on Speed Dial: The Wild Life of Harry Hamlin, the Not-So Quiet Real Housewives’ Husband.”

In that article, Hamlin revealed that he and his wife do their own Monday-morning quarterbacking after each episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs, analyzing every episode frame-by-frame.

“I pull out my psychology degree from Yale and my DSM-5 manual, and we see what all the personality disorders are blossoming and figure out how to deal with all the personalities, and what Lisa can do to stay above the fray,” Hamlin said.

But Hamlin’s help isn’t necessarily the reason that Rinna has managed to avoid controversy on RHOBH over the past eight years.

According to Bravo and Cocktails, Rinna reportedly has a “secret deal” with Bravo and RHOBH producers to protect her and her family from being “exposed” on the show.

“Why don’t Lisa Rinna’s rumors ever get exposed?! She’s ‘protected’, she’s good tv, and also has been a major actress,” an insider’s post claimed. “Bravo isn’t stupid. They try and press for a personal story on her; she’ll freak the F out. It’s basically in her contract. She’s not the only one in BH with that deal.” – Source

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