18 Nov, 2022


Sounds like they will be using a surrogate to start her family. Well whatever works right?

28 May, 2022

She lost millions on her NFT.

“I’ve always been an undercover nerd, so I’ve been obsessed with anything to do with technology and the future,” Hilton told CNN Business in an interview last month. “Now my new nickname is ‘The Queen of the Metaverse,’”

11 Apr, 2022

She is pitching a reality show about IVF

This former A+ list reality star turned hated star turned comeback story is pitching a reality show about IVF and trying to get pregnant. It has been done so many times before. What would be even more interesting is if she ever actually had s.e.x. with her significant other.

17 Jan, 2022

He is misremembering the past

The serial s.e.x.u.a.l. assaulter/child p.o.r.n. producer is just trying to use the fame of this former A+ list reality star to get some attention for himself. He is also misremembering the past and it is probably because was just as coked out as the former A+ list reality star.